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You can also reach out on this number for any questions,concerns or feedback.We will also help you navigate through the website if you prefer to order online.

Farms to Plate, no-antibiotics, no hormones, all natural, 100% Halal.

Pasture Raised - Humanely Raised - Hand Processed

Grass Fed Lamb, Goat. Pasture Raised Organic Chicken

All our livestock is raised by local family farmers who take great pride in raising a life and providing it a great healthy environment,where they can roam freely,eat healthy far away from GMOs and antibiotics. 

We understand the value of individual needs, and that is exactly what we value. You have complete control on how each meat part is cut according to your specifications.

Each animal is hand picked from our approved family farms. We treat animals humanely and minimize transportation stress and guarantee Halal Processing

Humane Treatment - Halal Processing - Quality Packaging - end result a delicious meal for your plate.


Pasture Raised

No GMO, No Antibiotics

Halal Processing

Custom Cuts and packaging

Free shipping in DFW Area

Applies on all orders over $50

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