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Whole Lamb (approx 22-25 lbs)

Whole Lamb (approx 22-25 lbs)

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approx 22-25 lbs 
All cuts are individually packaged 
Whats included in Full Lamb
2 Leg (Cut or Roast) 
2 Shoulder (Cut or Roast) 
2 Ribs Rack (Whole or Individual cuts)
16 Loin chops 
4 shanks 
3 lbs Ground (2 X 1 lb package) 
3 lb Stew meat bone-in 

About our Lamb:

Our goats are raised by local family farms. All our animals have access to open pastures.

  • Organically Raised
  • Grass-Fed
  • No Antibiotics & Hormones 
  • Halal Slaughtered
  • Humanely Treated

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