About Us

We at FarmstoPlate are passionate about what we do and how we do it.We love animals and they deserve a humane treatment that's something close to our heart's.We want to make sure the experience we get in bringing the food from farms to your plate is the same you get in each and every bite of it.

Halal Process
  • No Stunning
  • Hand Slaughtered by Muslim
  • Texas State certified processing facility
  • Processing facility does not process pork
  • Our farmers don't raise pork
We follow strict Islamic guidelines to make sure we bring you 100% Halal products.

Our Farmer Testimony
The food intake of my livestocks contains 99% grazing on natural grass/hay all day and brought back into the pen at the end of the day with natural NON GMO grains at a 1% rate daily , the Goats do not need the grain , they come in to sleep at night with a unique command . We do not feed any of the Livestocks any enhancer for growth , it is all natural . We graze them on a 10 acre land daily. 
- Michael Obamwonyi

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