Wholesale Natural Grass Fed Beef/Goat/Lamb , Pasture Raised Chicken
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If you are a chef, a restaurant owner or operate a retail store and would be interested in carrying FarmsToPlate grass fed beef,lamb,goat, pasture raised poultry we are just a phone call or email away.

FarmsToPlate. It really is all in the name. What started as a desire among friends to provide naturally-sourced, hormone-free and affordable meat products for their family, turned into a passion to do the same for the community at large. We wholeheartedly believe that the concept of halal (or kosher) is not merely restricted to the ritual slaughter of the animal, but also extends to how it is raised and what it is fed. That is why, at FarmsToPlate, we source all of our meat from animals raised in their natural environments and fed a natural diet, absolutely free of non-organic and meat-based feed, growth hormones and unnecessary antibiotics.

FarmsToPlate. Meat…as nature intended it to be!

For wholesale orders you can reach us at contact@farmstoplate.com or call us at 806-680-3276

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